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A Safety Message from The Midtown Neighbors Association (MNA)

Atlanta is once again facing a crime wave. The MNA is very concerned about the safety of our Midtown residents. Safety has consistently been the consensus #1 priority in the last three MNA member surveys. As a neighborhood organization, it is the role of the MNA to be the voice for our residents and provide leadership on issues confronting our neighborhood.

Through the work of various MNA committees, we have voiced our strong concerns to the Mayor and City Council members about the furloughs imposed by the city on our public safety officers. They also need to hear directly from our residents. We would encourage you to contact the Mayor and City Council members who represent Midtown and demand that they end the furloughs that directly impact the ability of the Atlanta Police Department (APD) to patrol our neighborhood.

Mayor Shirley Franklin

Anne Fauver            

Kwanza Hall              

The MNA has implemented and supports several programs to promote a safer Midtown. We need broader participation and engagement from all residents if we are to achieve full benefit from these programs.

Security Patrols  Midtown is the largest neighborhood association in the city stretching from Home Depot on the East to the interstate on the west, Ponce de Leon on the south to the intersection of Peachtree St. and I-85 on the north. The MNA is involved in safety efforts for all parts of Midtown but from a security patrol perspective we have two clearly defined “zones” in our neighborhood. The area from Juniper west to the interstate is the responsibility of Midtown Alliance as part of the Midtown Improvement District (MID) and its safety program “Midtown Blue”. The MID is funded by Midtown property owners through a special assessment paid on commercial property. As such Midtown Blue provides a significant layer of support over the coverage provided by the APD. However Historic Midtown is not covered by Midtown Blue.

Security patrol for Historic Midtown (the area east of Juniper) is provided by a separate organization, the “Midtown Ponce Security Alliance” (MPSA). The MPSA is 100% funded by donations from residents, business owners and the MNA. The MNA Board approved a $1000 per month allocation in 2008 that is designated to fund patrol hours (off duty police officers) for this area of the MNA. Current MPSA funding can only support 40 to 50 hours of patrol activity per week, far short of what is needed. We encourage all residents to consider supporting this patrol program through the MPSA. You can join and find more information about MPSA <> .

Clean Car Campaign  Simply by removing all viewable valuables from your vehicle, prior to leaving your vehicle, APD estimates you will reduce the odds of your vehicle being illegally entered by nearly 95%. Secondly, we are encouraging parking lot owners, managers, and attendants to ask their customers if all valuables removed. Additionally, we ask you to remind co-workers, clients, residents, family, and friends to remove ALL items (we once had a vehicle’s window busted as a result of fifteen cents left on the console’s coin area).

MNA Street Light Program  The MNA street light program has two elements. First we want to ensure that all of the existing lights are working. We encourage residents to call Georgia Power anytime you see a street light that is burned out. You may report the outage at: 1.888.660.5890 or online .

The second element is our Light Up Midtown program. Georgia Power will add street lights to locations with an existing pole and connection. Some Midtown residents pay for additional street lights in front of their home. We know that a well lit street is a strong deterrent to crime. Through memberships and our two major fundraisers, Midtown Atlanta Tour of Homes and Midtown Atlanta Shop and Dine Week, the MNA currently funds 10 street lights throughout Midtown. These lights supplement the city funded lights (placed for traffic not safety). If you would like to add a light to your street and would be willing to fund it, please call Georgia Power direct at the number above. If you would like the MNA to fund or supplement a lighting program for your street, please contact Randall Cobb Randall was instrumental in putting together a streetlight program on 7th Street and has agreed to assist any other street in that effort.

Block Watch Programs are another effective way to deter criminal activity. We have a few blocks that have organized but the potential for expansion of this program is almost unlimited. Jeff Ellis leads this effort for Midtown. He can be contacted This program is a no cost way to engage residents and put a great number of eyes on the street.

Also - like we were talking about the other day- our neighborhood planning unit is NPU E (for midtown):

What is a Neighborhood Planning Unit?

The City of Atlanta is divided into twenty-five Neighborhood Planning Units or NPUs, which are citizen advisory councils that make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council on zoning, land use, and other planning issues.  The NPU system was established in 1974 to provide an opportunity for citizens to participate actively in the Comprehensive Development Plan, now called the Atlanta Strategic Action Plan, which is the city's vision for the next five, ten, and fifteen years.  It is also used as a way for citizens to receive information concerning all functions of city government.  The system enables citizens to express ideas and comment on city plans and proposals while assisting the city in developing plans that best meet the needs of their communities.

Please contact us with questions, suggestions, or concerns!

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