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Wondering what has been happening on the property?


Another large to do on our list included clearing the leaves out from behind building 819 - after further examination, we determined that the work would require more labor time and efforts than we had on clean up day, and therefore we're goign to look into hiring a group to clear this within the month. 
Finally- an update on the paving situation.  We are in dicussions with engineering firms to determine the possibility of having them prepare surveys and desgins for the paving projects in order to provide documented plans to the paving company.  We are curretnyl flushing out quotes from 3 engineering firms.  We still plan to voe forward with this process as quickly as possible - we just want to make sure that we have all of the bases covered.  In addition to engineering firms, we're looking at some other paving quotes as well.  If you have any questions about this - please let us know at <>  .  


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